Yoga from the heart with Nicola


Take a moment to feel your breath, maybe close your eyes for a few counts. Notice subtle breath sensations in your body – air touching the nostrils, back of throat, the rising and falling of your chest. Ask yourself how you’re feeing and give what you’re feeling right now some space by taking a gentle long exhale out through your mouth. Soften your brow, jaw, your shoulders. Be in your body, even as you are reading these words. Blissful Beings is about being present with what is pulsating in you right now. By tuning in and connecting, we embrace our life as it is, in this moment. Blissful Beings is about practicing yoga that brings us back to the innate knowing of our brilliance. You are already a wonder of nature: beautiful and perfect as your are. Even in your anger, pain and grief. There’s nothing you actually need to change. The yoga I share with you is all about coming back to the essence of the heart, finding love and compassion for ourselves and each other. Release the struggle and return to simplicity – everything we need is right here in this moment. 

Yoga is about Connection

Let's Connect!