A scene from Women's Temple at the Garden Gathering in 2019.
Heart to heart with my sister Corinne

Part of my passion is work around the feminine and what it means to be a woman. We all carry within us the trauma and imprints of past generations. And to be a woman is to walk with generations of pain and repression around the feminine. It is our time now to heal these wounds and to transform our relationship with the feminine. I discovered Women’s Temple through my then doula Corinne Konrad Calder. Corinne brought the Awakening Women’s Women’s Temple to Hong Kong in 2015. Since then there’s been one Women’s Temple facilitator training in Hong Kong that I’m grateful to have joined. Now there are four Temple Mamas that continue to share Women’s Temple in Hong Kong. 

Women’s Temple is a non dogmatic sacred space where women come together to experience the feminine aspects of their being in new (and ancient) and profound ways. We meet each other in a raw, open and honest way. There is very little speaking to allow for more embodiment of the experience at hand. Each temple follows a theme such as “Rest into Being”, “Essential Soul-Care”, “Letting the Old Die”, and many many more. Most women feel they have awakened a part of themselves that has been asleep or denied maybe their whole lives. To learn more you can request to join our private Facebook group: Women’s Temple HK or get in touch with me directly. 

Update: Since the onset of COVID 19, Women’s Temple has been suspended. However, if you are interested in learning more about feminine embodiment do get in touch.