I teach group, semi private and private yoga classes. I offer vinyasa, hatha, gentle yoga, yoga therapy, prenatal, post natal, mama and baby yoga. No matter what style I’m offering, the focus is always on the quality of breath and movement. How we move is how we live, so let’s move well, let’s move with joy. I will not push you past your limits and will always ask you to honour where you are – whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. In any practice we do, my intention is always to guide you back to the open and loving quality of your heart. Let’s open ourselves to the wonder of being alive in this moment – this is where we taste the bliss – our true nature.

My promise to you is this: I will honour your innate wisdom and trust that you ultimately know exactly what it is you need. I am here to guide you back to that knowing, through breath, movement, awareness, and intention. I will not impose onto you an expected experience but respect any and all of your experiences as true and worthy. There are no “shoulds” only space for curiosity, inquiry and allowing. I will respect your body and it’s limitations, and only ever ask you to do what you are comfortable doing. I will always regard you as unique with a vibrant personal story and individual path.

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